8- Consult (Bus.)


In the “Check Out” tab, please specify your availability in the “Order Notes” for next 2 weeks to speak with Ophi Hawk via Zoom.




Once an appointment is confirmed, you will receive a Zoom link for your consultation.

  • All appointments are pre-paid for each hour, and refunded for the amount of minutes not used in the discussion.
  • Ophi Hawk has a business degree in accounting and 20 years of experience to consult on business strategies.
  • As a state registered tax preparer, she can help you with tax strategy & tax compliance to maintain limited liability.
    • Currently, she is not accepting clients to prepare & e-file on tax returns, nor represent you with a power of attorney. She has these credentials, but prefers to review your tax returns & assist you with tax research (for now).

To speak with her as a life coach, please book a separate appointment below.

4- Consult (Pers.)


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