Turning goals into Routines.

Embody your dreams with customizable resources to promote accountability and freedom.


The main phrase of “light value alignment” relates to using customizable products to align to your highest values (your inner light). Since most people change their values over time, our products can change with you, and support your true alignment to becoming the best version of you.

Alignment is an important word, because it pertains to your mind, body and soul, being in agreement with each other. If your soul wants to paint, but your mind thinks a steady job is best, and you are eating unhealthy food to cope with the stress of it all, then there is misalignment.

Our products and consulting services are here to help you first to listen to your soul (journals), be accountable to your short-term and long-term goals (routine log), and forecast your finances so you can realistically gain the capital and strategically move into your dream (projections).

There are many other products in the making, which address other important areas to ensure alignment. Please see the Shop tab for business, personal, and creative products offered with Ophi Hawk: https://ophihawk.com/shop/