Rise to Home

This company wants to offer all forms of healing (categories in the Shop tab):

  • The mind with a business focus
  • The body with a personal focus
  • The soul with a creative focus

Everyone is talented in some form or another. Most of us have big dreams that we never pursued, because we got so caught up with the heavy pressures of adult life.

This music component is intended to offer another form of healing, in addition to the business and personal products used to keep life organized. Together, these products make the overall categories of mind, body, and soul complete.

Ophi Hawk has been writing and recording music since the age of 18. “Rise to Home” is her debut album; it is also the name of her painting (the albums cover).

  • The following songs have been mastered by Templo Studios:
    • Live Simply  –  Dedicated to Neal Donald Walsh
    • 25 Years  –  Dedicated to their parents
    • Light  –  The first piano piece created by Ophi Hawk
    • Dark  –  The second piano piece created by Ophi Hawk
    • Why  –  Dedicated to anyone going through a rough time
  • The following songs still need to be formally produced
    • Happy Birthday  –  Dedicated to everyone
    • Shine  –  Dedicated to anyone feeling lost in life
      • It was the first time Ophi Hawk heard herself sing & play piano at the same time. She wrote this song about herself at 18, after she decided to pursue college instead of music. Later in life, she found we are all connected & changed the lyrics to “we.”