Both kits can be purchased on their own. Please book a business consultation if you would like any of these products to be customized for you.

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Reimbursement Kit

The Reimbursement Kit. Is intended for companies handling internal transfers converting from sole proprietor or partnership to incorporated business, such as C or S-Corporations. Once a business is incorporated, the personal and business transactions can no longer be mixed as freely. If reimbursements are not properly proven, a company may loose their corporate status and … Continue reading Reimbursement Kit

Bookkeeping Kit

The Bookkeeping Kit is intended to be able to pass an audit with your receipts and expanded check registers. Generic templates are provided. Please book a consultation if you would like these to be customized to your business. This Bookkeeping Kit can also work with Microsoft Excel and/or an accounting software, such as QuickBooks. Please … Continue reading Bookkeeping Kit

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