12- BPR Kit (Basic)


BPR SURVEY DETAILS (+ 4 other items)

  • Only the simple BPR survey form is freely available on the SFS site: https://seamlessfs.wordpress.com/bpr/12-survey/





This product is created for companies who plan to do “most” of their business process reengineering (BPR) on their own, and consult with Ophi Hawk as needed.

There are 6 items:

  • MS Word- BPR Survey Detailed
  • MS Word- Color palette of BPR stages (4 versions)
    • Consider using to customize your own colors and BPR image
  • PDF of inexpensive options to exchange confidential data
  • PDF of BPR example links (a.b.c)
    • (a) Studio Warden, (b) Insurance, (c) Other Docs
  • PDF of links on “Start Here” tab
  • PDF of a 3-page NDA (blank)
    • A word version can be supplied after booking a separate consulting appointment.

For more info, please see SFS webiste link: https://seamlessfs.wordpress.com/start-here/


Digitial Products are sold as is (non-refundable). To speak with Ophi Hawk, please book a seperate consultation in the link below.

8- Consult (Bus.)


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